Parks and Grounds

Christchurch City Council manages and maintains approximately 113 sports parks across the City and Banks Peninsula. These parks ensure the delivery of sports, events and casual use for thousands of participants each year and help to make Christchurch a great place where people want to be.

The sports fields are allocated to the Regional Sports Organisations each year for summer and winter sport. In addition to regional and club use of the sports fields, they are also available for casual booking. A sports field can be booked by phoning the Christchurch City Council 03 941 8999, (fees may apply).

All the sports fields in Christchurch are mapped and can be viewed via the CCC website Find a Sports Field. These will show the summer sports fields from October – March and the winter sports fields from April – September. This is a useful tool as the field numbering on the maps reflects the numbering used on all the sports draws.